Enrichment Programs - Amazon Peru


We discovered that attendance in school in this remote region of the Amazon jungle receives very little government support.  As a result, schools have low attendance due to the extreme poverty of families unable to provide uniforms and school supplies for their children.  Mom’s House has identified the children that require these uniforms and school supplies, which will greatly increase the attendance rate of school.  Thus, enriching the children’s lives and preparing them for the future.  We know that education lifts people out of poverty and we will work until these children are happy, healthy and thriving.

Enrichment Programs Project

What's Included:

  • English Classes with supplies for learning through play

  • School supplies for each child

  • Uniforms and shoes, which are required by the government

  • Additional necessities, such as sanitary napkins and additional health supplies for children


Cost for Enrichment Project: $10,000 USD

*cost for one village, for a year

How Can I Help?

The fight may seem impossible, but everyone has a role to play. Every day, individuals and groups are helping by partnering with Mom's House to empower local people in the countries where we work to provide access to child care centers for the countries vulnerable and orphaned children.