Sustainable Food and Farming Program - Amazon Peru

Image by Arnaldo Aldana

Food is so scarce in the region we work in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.  Unfortunately, at this time, there are very little government resources that filter down to the children that live along the river.  Without the basic needs nutrition being met, the children are not able to thrive. Our efforts are to improve the lives of these children with providing the basic essential supplies and operating a food program within schools in the villages we work.  


Help us nourish the children in these remote regions of the Amazon Jungle by contributing to our food program.  

Food for a Year Project

What's included (for one year):

  • Covers breakfast and lunch at school for every child that attends school, five days a week

  • Seedlings and support on farming in the region to promote sustainability

  • Stipend for cooks and staff in the facility

  • Transportation costs for food pick up and delivery to villages/schools

Cost for Project: $30,000 USD

*cost for one school, for a year

How Can I Help?

The fight may seem impossible, but everyone has a role to play. Every day, individuals and groups are helping by partnering with Mom's House to empower local people in the countries where we work to provide access to child care centers for the countries vulnerable and orphaned children.