Infrastructure Program
Water System Project - Amazon Peru


Clean water is the biggest human crisis we face.  Over 780 million around the world do not have access to clean water, and this is prevalent in the Amazon Jungle.  Currently, Mom’s House For Children is working in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle to improve the lives of children living in extreme poverty along the river system.  These children are drinking out of the river where sanitation flows, along with countless bacteria, parasites and other disease sources are found.  


Every child deserves the best opportunity to live a healthy and successful life.  We are working diligently to do our part.  Will you join us?  Help us build water systems in this remote part of the world and end waterborne illnesses in these children.  

Clean Water System

What's Included:

  • Water system including water pump from river, storage tank, filter, generator and encasing

  • Salaries for local workers to build structure

  • Materials and construction oversee from Mom's House

Cost of Water System: $20,000 USD

*each new system accommodates a village of 500+

How Can I Help?

The fight may seem impossible, but everyone has a role to play. Every day, individuals and groups are helping by partnering with Mom's House to empower local people in the countries where we work to provide access to child care centers for the countries vulnerable and orphaned children.