Infrastructure Project
Child Care Center - South Africa

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The heartbreaking reality is there are 153 million orphaned and approximately 385 million children living in extreme poverty around the globe.  In South Africa, this is widespread due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region.  Currently, there are 2.2 million orphaned children in South Africa, which is why Mom’s House is working tirelessly to improve the lives of these beautiful children.  Right now, we are supporting over 5,000 orphans and vulnerable children in the Mpumalanga Region of South Africa, building child care facilities in 98 villages.  


There are three projects we have in place where you can help us in our effort of providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment with a Mom’s House Care Center in the region. By sponsoring a project with your company, your family, your school and/or your community, you are committed to raising the cost of the project selected. This is a huge way to make massive impact in the region, and raise money with your peers.

Childcare Facility in South Africa Project

What's included:

  • Fully functioning building to house and care for the children that do not have families  

  • Each facility will serve 300+ children in each village where they are built

  • Stipend for staff who care for the children

  • Overnight caregiver for orphaned children

  • Learning and play centers within the structure for after school care

  • Kitchen and dining area to help feed the children in the afternoon/evening (food is provided at school in the morning)

Cost of Project: $34,500 USD

*cost per child care facility

How Can I Help?

The fight may seem impossible, but everyone has a role to play. Every day, individuals and groups are helping by partnering with Mom's House to empower local people in the countries where we work to provide access to child care centers for the countries vulnerable and orphaned children.