July - August 2021​

From The Founder


The Legacy Begins


Imagine yourself in a distant land where the poverty is so extreme that regular food, clean water, clean sanitation, educational and job opportunities are a struggle, every single hour of every single day.  Imagine drinking water from a mud puddle, dirty river or some other unsanitary place.  Imagine having no choice.

Then, imagine yourself with little to no food. Surviving, but not thriving for lack of nutrition. Imagine going to bed hungry, waking up hungry and doing it all over again. Day after day. Week after week.  Imagine when you do eat, there is very little, no variety and the smallest of portions. 

Imagine having an illness with no medical attention. Imagine not speaking a language that would ensure your future job opportunities expanding because of this extra education. Imagine not having shoes that fit, or clean clothes, or clothes that fit, or a pencil, pen, notebook, toothbrush or toy.  


This is what the children in the communities we work face every single day. 


Until now….


After my recent visit to Mpumalanga and the village of Somerset, my dedication for this soul purpose has never been more inspired.  I knew I would feel deeply for this cause, or I wouldn’t have bitten this off in the first place.  For, this is a dream that has long lived deep inside me.  Now, it is out in the world for others to grab ahold of and join in this incredible journey.


After working days in the field with Lotus Khoza, meeting other NGO’s, establishing our organization as a South African nonprofit, visiting future projects and absorbing the land, the culture, the animals and the people, nothing prepared me for what I would experience on “Celebration Day”.

Lotus and I drove to Somerset from the highway to a bumpy, dirt road.  Although on this day, the rocks had been cleared out by the people of Somerset to make my entrance into their community  a little easier.  I was so honored by this, my heart just swelled.  

My excitement for the clean water, sanitation and farming projects coming together had me captivated throughout my journey and for several months that this project has been underway.  This is our first village Moms House is working to provide clean water, clean sanitation, sustainable food programs and the future site of our child care center.  Right now, the village is harvesting their first crop of vegetables to add to the food program.  We were just told that there is such a plentitude of crops that the caregivers of the orphans are able to eat more healthfully, take plenty home for their families and sell some of the vegetables for an income. 

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We partnered with Doterra’s foundation, Healing Hands, and our anonymous donor family to complete these projects.  Right now, we are developing our child care center, enrichment programs and design for our first build.  


This is our signature village with our iconic child care center, clean water, sanitation, farming for sustainable food and extra support for the orphaned and severely impoverished.


Our mission is one village at a time.  This village will model what Moms House For Children has set out to become: a beacon of hope for the children that need it the most!

In Peru, we are establishing Moms House in Nueve de Octubre.  The first step was to organize the village with the elders of the community. To ensure a successful program, we work WITH the communities, not FOR the communities.  In that light, the village was asked to organize committees and governing bodies for the clean water project, food sustainability program and enrichment programs for the children. This enables the community to take ownership and leads to great strides in empowerment, self-esteem and leadership goals for the village.  


We are pleased to announce we have a new Pillar in our community (see description below), who has lovingly decided to raise the funds with her friends, family and tribe, to bring clean water to our first village in Peru. We are ready to build! The plans and engineering portion of the construction of clean water has been completed, the committee in the village has been organized, Moms House is an official NGO in the region and so now is the time!  

This village has been begging for clean water for some time. This town of 800 has seen its share of illnesses and hardship and is one of the most impoverished villages along this stretch of the river. With clean water, we immediately improve the lives of the children and their families, and bring a sign of hope to their lives.  


We are still seeking another Pillar who would like to leave a legacy in their family lineage through supporting our other programs:  Food Program, Sustainable Farming and our various Enrichment Programs.  It is so easy to create this impact:

*Host an event

*Fundraise for a program or project

*Gather a group of friends and raise the funds for one of our programs


We will help you every step of the way! All you have to do is say.. YES!!!

I know how it feels to bring hope where there was once despair.  I also know it will take many of us to say YES to this global need in order to create the much needed impact these communities beg for.  I’m hoping YOU are that next YES!  


Just reach out and we will get you started!  Once your project is complete, you will receive a special invitation to accompany the Moms House For Children Team where your project has been completed to celebrate such an amazing milestone.  


I can say this for sure: to witness the joy in someone else because of fulfilling a promise and dedicating oneself to the betterment of others is truly the greatest gift one human can give to another.  The heart knows this. The soul yearns for this. I know it is time for your heart to experience this joy.


What is a Pillar in our neighborhood?  A Pillar is someone stands out and strong in their conviction and collaboration in supporting our cause, mission and goals. A Pillar in the Moms House Neighborhood is the foundation of our organization! 


We are so happy to introduce Stavros of Inka Mama’s in old town San Clemente.  The evenings at the end of July, were both warm and joyful, both outside and inside the restaurant where Moms House worked to raise funds for our projects and programs in Peru and Africa.  Stavros, owner of Inka Mama’s, most generously donated his brand-new, beautiful restaurant, full bar and the most delicious Peruvian food this side of the Amazon to ensure a wonderful night was had by all. 


New friends, old friends and family all joined for two evenings of fun, collaboration, good company and spreading the mission that is at the heart of Moms House For Children. Many Silent Auction items were contributed and donations for our raffle prizes kept everyone on their toes! 


We were so fortunate to have the beautiful voice that is Jen Corpuz entertain us on both evenings for hours! It was like an Angel dropped out of the sky to sing for us, to benefit the children.  The evenings were both quite magical!  New members joined the Moms House Team and Family and wonderful relationships were forged.  Everyone that took the time, energy, effort and contributed to this event is considered part of our ever-growing family here at Moms House.  

The funds raised at this event go to support our ongoing fundraising campaign that will help us drill for clean water, purchase seeds and seedlings for farming, our daily lunch program, English classes and orphan support.  So, we thank all!


Hats off to the staff at Inka Mama’s in San Clemente, Jen Corpuz on vocals, Heather Blakeborough and her team of event planners, and the attendees who participated in our Annual Eat.Drink.Give event in Southern California.  We look forward to getting to know each and everyone of the attendees and serving the children, together.

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Eat. Drink. Give!

Pillar Spotlight

Want to be a Pillar in our Neighborhood?  Pick one of our fundraising campaigns for a specific project or program, or host an event or dinner party, or online an fundraiser to become a Pillar in Neighborhood.  Learn more here:


“If you want to go fast... go alone”

“If you want to go far, go together”.

Upcoming Event: 

Ready to practice your swing for a good cause? Gather your friends and head to one of our ten courses participating in our Golf.Fore! Good. Golf Tournament, benefitting children in regions we work.


One Village At A Time


This month we are highlighting the village Nueve de Octubre in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.  This village of 800 is adjacent to the property owned by our Regional Director, Nancy Lupe.  In this remote stretch of the river, which is about 3 hours travel from the city where all who travel to these parts must come into, there is a desperate sort of living.  What I mean is that life is hard. Employment that pays well to lift one out of poverty is extremely rare.  Couple that with low government support, little assistance from outside sources, and very little opportunity, it is a recipe for this desperate kind of living.  


Life is hard. Finding a way to support a family is difficult. Food becomes a main focus, as there is a high food cost with little money in the form of income for most. Children are often dressed in ripped rags and remain dirty, day after day. Many families cannot afford to purchase soap. Or anything else for that matter.  


There are over 200 children in this village that drink the water from the river. Many go hungry. Due to the pandemic, the conditions have worsened greatly, leaving some families unable to buy food whatsoever.  


Moms House is working hard to establish a sustainable farming and food program. First, however, we are focused on bringing the entire village clean, pure, drinking water.  It is the first essential element that this community needs and has asked for.


We are so happy to announce that a Pillar in the Neighborhood has decided to work with our team at Moms House to raise the funds for this well.  This will help eradicate the numerous water-borne illnesses these children and their families face daily.  However, we still need help with our other programs:

*Lunch Program - daily lunch provided by Moms House on school days

*Enrichment Programs - English classes, technology classes

*School Support - uniforms, school supplies, shoes, essential supplies


We would love to help you organize a group at your business, schools, neighborhood groups, church groups, etc. to continue our programs and work.  We have another village right next door that requires the same projects.  Then, there are thousands of villages just like it all up and down this stretch of the river.  


Just imagine knowing YOU provided something so life altering, so completely transforming and Life Saving! What an amazing legacy to leave.

“To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — that is to have succeeded.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Welcome to our family!

Team Member Spotlight

Welcome Heather Blakeborough! We are so thrilled to have such an event PRO on the fundraising team at Moms House.  Heather brings a world of experience, teamwork, passion, and just incredible joy to the family here at Moms House.  We are blessed! 


Co-Director of Fundraising

Heather has over 20 years of corporate meeting and event planning experience. Her events have been held in hundreds of locations in the United States, as well as in all the major cities, and some of the road less travelled locations, of Europe, South America and Asia. Her core competency stems from defining event strategies, business plans and marketing though initial site search, contract negotiations and cost analysis, to the logistical management of programs, vendors, contractors and the fiscal management of multi-million-dollar budgets. Her love of all things events combined with her passion for social responsibility landed her on the greatest journey of all, helping companies of all sizes to make investments in social good.

End the Lack of Love

We are giving our neighbors "an opportunity to be the most generous version of themselves" by sharing their resources to help solve (even just a little bit) the most basic of human problems.. absence of love.