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Flexibility, Relevancy and Becoming Nimble in the Nonprofit World of Covid

We knew what we wanted to accomplish first as a brand new nonprofit. We laid the groundwork, developed a team of heart-centered professionals and we were ready for lift off. A nationwide tour of events was being organized, including our Regional Directors joining in our events; from South Africa to the Amazon jungle. We were ready to fundraise and begin construction on our first projects.

A dream, held deep within my heart, was alive and beginning to beat. Every moment another team member said yes, was like a beautiful, deep breath of a-live-ness like nothing I’ve ever experienced. As I made the plans, met with my Regional Directors and village elders in South Africa and South America, I knew in my heart…. I am made for this.

The scope of our Org opened, evolved and changed dramatically this year. A global pandemic, civil unrest, political debate have all taken front and center. We did our best to honor each of the events with respect, dignity and caring. We quickly knew we had to shift our projects to administer emergency assistance to the regions we work, while navigating our own personal lives, diminished income for some of us, health issues and many other speed bumps that came our way.

What quickly revealed itself is that this is the perfect time to build and develop a meaningful team. The raw emotion, and seemingly dividing times has actually been the best time for us at Mom’s House to attract and build a beautiful team of inspired people that have committed their talents, skills and resources to helping children they’ve never seen or met.

Never would I have thought that during such chaotic times would building a nonprofit be so grounding for us all. A mission, vision and movement birthing during a time of fear, doubt, worry and division. The unity of oneness, togetherness, giving and love all emerged during a time of great global distress.

Foundational pieces and decisions of the org manifested and integrated during this time period. When we first began lockdown, shortly after my travels to South Africa and South America, I would never have thought, almost 6 months later we would still be experiencing this to some degree worldwide.

Our vision of building infrastructures was quickly tabled for the more immediate need: food and water! The team moved into action and collectively knew we must raise funds to provide some essential items for the children.

In South Africa, for instance, the children Mom’s House supports are the orphaned and vulnerable. The vulnerable children have either lost a parent, or have parents that are not caring for them whatsoever. Yes, that happens. The poverty is extreme. With school closures, caregivers out of work, food and water in lack, the need became evident. We had to step in.

We put our infrastructure building on hold and funneled all funds for emergency food and water relief. We are, even now, supporting 3 childcare facilities in the Mpumalanga Region of South Africa, with almost 300 children in each village.

I made the easy decision to add South America to our global mission. Spending many weeks and months in the Peruvian Amazon has been one of the greatest surprises and joys of my life. Working with the Shamans and individuals from the neighboring villages opened my heart, which began a waterfall of love pouring out for these beautiful people. The poverty in this region is one of the most desperate I’ve ever seen. Currently, Mom’s House is supporting and will improve the lives of children in six villages along the Amazon River.

As we continue to experience global lockdowns, these regions, which rely heavily on tourism, are still struggling to survive. Many global NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), religious missionary organizations and governments are activated throughout the world to provide relief in the areas where they work.

What we know to be true is the rural regions are typically the very last places to see government funding, particularly in the regions where Mom’s House has set up camp. Because we are in constant contact with our Regional Directors, we have our finger on the pulse of the need that is ongoing.

What we learned from this year’s experience is the necessity of becoming nimble and relevant in a changing global community and particularly during a pandemic. The most basic need for all children is clean water and food. That is what we are working toward. Our audacious goal at Mom’s House is to end the suffering of the impoverished children in these remote areas.

We are making a dent. At first, starting this organization was daunting and kept me wide awake in the wee hours, more times than I can mention, these past couple of years. I doubted, feared and felt panic over how, when, what and where, Mom’s House would make an impact. There was a pull, deep within me, at a soul level that would not allow me to back out or quit.

Along with this pull came my own determination of seeing this mission through. To finish what I started. To complete my soul’s calling to the best of my ability. To leave a legacy of an organization whose soul mission is to love the children of the world.

This dream, which began long ago, might inspire YOU to allow your big dream to move from the depths within you to the life around you. Even during dark times, light will pierce through. For us, the development of our Team has been the Phoenix Rising with our mission. We believe in the South African Proverb:

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together”. And, now we are together as a collective team, which is more like a family than team members.

Whatever the “pull” is for you, I encourage you to dive in the deep end, regardless of the moderator in your mind that tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t. And, when you do, remember to be nimble in your vision as everything has the potential to shift, as we are learning right here and now in 2020!

We welcome all who desire to assist us in our efforts! There are a few ways you can help us with our mission, and two of the best options are donating monthly, or sponsoring a fundraiser with your peers, family, company, church or more to help raise funds for a specific Mom's House project. You can find out more at the brand new Mom's House website!

Other questions? Reach out to Theresa@MomsHouseForChildren.org to see where your talents and gifts can reach the farthest locations with children awaiting you!