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From the Founder // Theresa's African Dream

Part of the story of how Mom's House founder, Theresa Vigarino, realized her calling to help the vulnerable and orphaned children of the world.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to South Africa and have a chance to be part of the communities there through Mom’s House for Children. My last trip was January 2020, and I wanted to share with you an experience I had.

One morning, I took a trip with my friend Lotus to the impoverished part of town in Lillydale. I wanted to see what he had talked with me about. See, in this area, many orphans are raising themselves. In Africa, the family home stays with the surviving children, so many children are raised by older siblings. Up a red dirt path, we stop at a little cinder block home. As I stood in the doorway, I took in the one-room home, the dirt floors, the door that was barely hanging on and definitely not secure in any way, and then I looked at the two girls who lived there. Nelisiwe is 11, her sister 16. Both their parents died of AIDS 7 years ago, and they have had to fend for themselves since then.

We must end the suffering. These children struggle to eat, find water to drink, and try to better their lives. 

I got to spend the morning with Nelisiwe, and as I hugged her, I prayed for God to allow me to take some of her pain, He answered. It is said in sacred scriptures, that God gives us the prayers on our heart to pray.  So, I took some of her pain. As I held her in my arms, I imagined her heartache coming through me and transmuting to love.  However, I felt it first. For two days after our meeting, I was so heavy in my heart for this little girl and the millions of children around the world facing the same struggles. 

Now more than ever, due to a global pandemic that has impacted us all, these children need our help. Without tourists giving to local charities, most are having difficulty feeding their families. Most are out of work.  The children that are most at risk are the ones Mom’s House is supporting, the orphaned, and most vulnerable. These are the children that will not eat while school is closed, which is their most important food source.

Will you please take a couple of minutes and view the video and our Power of 10 campaign to support No Kid Hungry here in America and Mom’s House For Children (my charity) for the children of South Africa, and the Amazon jungle.

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Your $10 donation will help the children here in the states that rely on school lunches and the children of South Africa that rely on the same!  Please join our mission to make the lives of children a little easier, a little better, and give hope!

Full bellies are happy bellies!

Theresa Vigarino