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The Awakening Heart for Humanity

Updated: Jul 7

Okay, I will admit it; I was not the world’s greatest humanitarian. My wife Theresa is. I was the cynical one. The one who questioned everything and was slow to act. The one who believed it was someone else’s problem. I mean really, what could I do all by myself? Most of the donated money probably never even reaches the people it is supposed to help, were my thoughts! Those excuses made me feel better about my lack of action. That attitude of feeling divorced from the world’s problems started to change when I began to travel. I experienced extreme poverty firsthand. On one of those trips, my attitude changed quite a bit. A small boy climbed up on the running boards of the truck I was in, while I sat in the passenger’s seat. He pressed his face right against the truck window, straining to see who was on the other side of the tinted glass. I was inches away from his eyes. I stared into those eyes and saw real hunger, despair and hopelessness. I had never seen anything like it before. Once I saw it, I began to notice it all around me. When my wife Theresa wanted to start the Mom’s House for Children charity, I supported it andencouraged her to take on this huge vision. To be even more honest, I believed it was good for her, but I was really too busy to help out. But she is tenacious. She kept after me. Of course she convinced me to help out. After all, she has the fortitude to start and run a 501-c3 charity that is also a global NGO. Convincing me was easy compared to getting this nonprofit started!

So here I am, working to design a Dream Center for orphaned and vulnerable kids in South Africa. I enlisted the help of my company's design and engineering team and my friends, to create a building that provides valuable resources to children that have nothing. We are working to create a building that provides more than just shelter. This will be a building that inspires hope to all that enter; a building that will change lives. A building to counsel the grieving children who have lost their parents. It will be a place where kids who have nowhere to go, will have a place to be. They can do their school work at night during rolling blackouts. It will be a place where children can go and get a nutritious meal and HIV medications. It will be a place where innovation, technology and other skills are taught outside of schools. It will be a place of inspiration. It will be a place where children can go to feel safe, loved and cared for.

From my travels, I have learned that the oceans and the air have no boundaries. We are all in this together. And every individual that helps out is part of the solution. Our organization’s tagline and decree we live by is: Love the Children, Unite the World. It’s amazing work. One that heals the heart and gives hope, not just to the children, but to me. I now have hope that we can change the trajectory of the planet’s future. All because of loving children. One village at a time. I invite you to help out, and see how your life changes!