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The Origin Story

Updated: Mar 2

Theresa’s personal mission to embrace the orphaned and most vulnerable children of the world originates from learning at an early age her own mother’s childhood traumas as an orphan. At the age of five, Theresa’s mom lost her mother to lymphoma and shortly after lost her dad to a brain tumor. This left Theresa’s mother completely orphaned by the age of seven.

“I became aware at a young age that not all children have the same privileges and some, at no fault of their own, are born into poverty and destined for hardships.”

“I’ll never forget the night that I discovered I was born an empath. I was 8 years old, sitting on the couch with my mother, watching an episode of 60 minutes. They were covering the famine in Eastern Africa. I remember being so moved with the plight of these people in this faraway land. The sight of the children, barely skin and bones, trying to nurse from their mother’s who were also struggling themselves. I just couldn’t believe there were children my age in the world that were starving. “

Theresa asked her mother, “why are they starving? Why aren’t other people helping them?” And it was at this moment, Theresa realized her life’s mission was to be.. that person! She told her mom, “I will do something about this when I grow up.”

“Throughout the years, I held onto that dream, and in 2005, I visited South Africa for the first time. From the moment I stepped off the plane my heart was full of joy, it was an instant love affair, I couldn’t believe it, even in the most poverty stricken areas, somehow these kids were able to greet me with a smile.”

As you can recall, at that same time, there was a widespread epidemic of HIV that plagued the region. Leaving roughly three million children orphaned and homeless, living without shelter, and many more soon to become parentless, these children had no hope for a future.

“It broke my heart to leave, as I knew that I needed to stay and help, but I also knew that I wasn’t ready to be who they needed me to be.”

Fast forward ,11 years later, Theresa received the awakening needed from the founder of Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun to push forward in the pursuit of her life’s mission. In 2018, Mom’s House for Children was organized as a California registered charity and so the journey begins.

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