Supporting Mom's House

When you work with Mom's House, you are aligning with a global community that believes every child deserves a warm bed, a roof over their head and essential supplies for the best start to life. We aim to provide a nurturing and safe environment to care for these children so they can reach their full potential. We're dedicated to providing necessary building structures, clean water, emergency supplies, medical supplies and love for the orphaned and homeless children in developing and vulnerable locations in the world.

Ways to Contribute

1. One-time donation to support immediate, emergency needs

2. Monthly donation to support ongoing care to vulnerable and orphaned children

3. Sponsor a Mom's House project with your community

Need more information regarding how you can help Mom's House?

Reach out to us at


Provide immediate relief in South Africa and the Amazon. Currently in need of food and water relief due to COVID-19.


Join our Neighborhood. Commit to a monthly contribution to cover ongoing needs in the regions we support.


Become a Pillar in our community. Raise funds to build child care centers, provide food for a year or support enrichment programs for at risk youth.


Unsure how best you can support? Reach out to our team for more information.